these are the tradgedy and lies that became of her (nudreamz0520) wrote in clintondale_hs,
these are the tradgedy and lies that became of her

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my space.

so this goes for anyone who has myspace and for all those who dont... well u should get one.

i was bored and thought it would be a clever thing to make a group for ALL the kids in clintondale.

so. in other words. your mission- if ur a kid. who attends either clintondale high or middle school and has a myspace account or kno someone who does ( or should get one! ) u should join. all is invited but i dont have EVERYONEs sccount nor could i invite all cuz it only let me do 25 at once... so yeah.



k? have fun! thanx!! <3 ya bye!



 and remember clintondale may suck but the friends you get from there are amazing... i kno that for a fact!



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