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Frank Willis

my brother frank willis was in a car crash this summer i dont know who all knows him but he had to have open heart surgery, he also has a broken arm, and 3 frators in his spine, and 3 cuts on 3 differents organs inside him, he has cuts on his face and staples in the back of his head... he just finished school at CHS and i am hoping that everyone will pray for him to be ok.. he started at M.C.H and was air lefted to Ann Harbor so please pray for him ....
2 other people were in the car with him Jesse Sims who has alot of cuts and that about it and Elena Who goes wo richman H.S he is very small and is 16 she has a broken Wrist and a broken ankle and bruised lungs... elena and jesse are fine and ok they are getting better...so now all we have to do is get frank better and it will be all good... please pray for my big brother he is all i have....

Mindy Marie Willis
Class Of 2007!
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