♥M♥I♥N♥D♥Y♥♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (hurtone247) wrote in clintondale_hs,

woohoo band camp starts soon im so happy i will get to see my flags again yay!! mandie shirly, sarah, becky, ashley, monica, missy, amber... well those are all the people i am looking forward to seeing everyday yay im so happy is anyone else happy i am also happy cuz i wont have to work morning no more at my job... yay....

i hate to say this but it is school related lol i made a Colorguard Communitie
if you were or are in colorguard please join  it will be fun and if you would like to join colorguard this a great way to learn about colorguard becuz it isnt as easy as it looks...!!!
i hope no one gets mad at me for post this communitie..

Mindy MarieWillis
Class of 2007
1/2 Colorguard Co-Captain (05/06)
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